Jack Winston is the second of Steve and Carla Winston's three children. As the middle child, Jack often felt alienated and not included, and he began acting out at an early age because of it. His parents thought he was mentally unstable and put him through various medical testing and psychiatric evaluations. When nothing was found to be wrong with him, his father begrudgingly let it go, though he was never convinced of his son's mental stability. That only made Jack feel less wanted, and he barely said a word to his family from the age of ten on.

Jack took to karate classes and video games to distract himself from the lack of love he felt in his household. He filled his mind with fantasies of escaping a life without love and finding a new family. He knew that as soon as he was able, he was going to leave home and move to the United States. He wanted to get as far away from the negativity as possible. His mother's dual citizenship made it easy for him to become a legal citizen once he turned 18, and it was straight off to college in California.

He had a dream of being a hero to all, and that dream led him to decide on a degree in Criminal Justice. While the degree wasn't needed to become a cop, he wanted to blow the other applicants away once he did apply. His lack in self-confidence made him feel the need to really prove himself to others, and he made very few friends during his years in California because that trait was mistaken for cockiness.

He eventually found himself in Massachusetts working for the state police. He showed great promise, and it was that promise that led to him being picked to go undercover. He has two undercover operations under his belt and started his third in late 2013. The pressure of doing well has started to get to him, and he has made his fari share of bad decisions. Because of how deep his cover had gotten at Lolita, his supervisors refused to pull him out in hopes that he would get himself killed to make their lives easier.

That would not be the case, however. As 2014 went on, Jack began to feel more and more conflicted about his job. He began to realize the corruption within his unit ran deeper than he could have imagined; it didn't help that he was slowly, but surely, falling for the woman he was supposed to be investigating. By the end of the year, he had finally resigned his position with the police and moved into a full time position as Lolita's head chef. As a further middle finger to his former employers, he also began working for the very mob he had been made to investigate – but he did a lot to turn his deeds into more of a Robin Hood operation.

Even though the relationship with his boss eventually ended, Jack has no regrets about leaving his former job behind. Cooking, it turns out, was what he was made to do. In the summer of 2015, he dove into a business endeavor a good friend, which would not have been possible without the income from his shadier dealings. The two opened a video game bar, appropriately named In Another Castle; the business has seen moderate success and continues to grow.

His love life took a turn when he began to realize feelings for a longtime friend. As it turned out, those feelings were reciprocated, and the two fell into a wild romance. Within a year, he had proposed, and the two were married on July 15, 2017. He and Roxy tried for months to concieve children, and after a few false alarms, they were successful. On June 4, 2018, they welcomed identical twin girls, named Whitney Anne and Winifred Eleanor.

deadpool wade wilson The foul-mouthed mercenary now known as Deadpool was once little more than medical waste, written off as a miscarriage of science and technology by the directors of the Canadian government's enigmatic Weapon X project. Were its name known outside certain highly specialized circles, the black-ops initiative would have boasted a distinguished -- if blood-spattered -- track record. Previously, it's technicians had spawned a number of noteworthy scions -- including the feral Wolverine, maverick mutant adventurer, and the savage Sabretooth, psychotic murder machine.

And they had looked forward to an uninterrupted string of successes. Enter Wade Wilson. Diagnosed with cancer, the gun-for-hire left the woman he loved and accepted an unorthodox offer of salvation. Playing upon his hope for a cure, the Weapon X scientists attempted to recreate Wolverine's genetically endowed healing factor through artificial means. Although successful, the Byzantine procedure left Wilson's epidermis and face a horridly callused mess. Considered a failure, he was consigned to a prison laboratory for program rejects. Unable at first to accept his mangled appearance, Wilson slipped into the darkest pit of his soul. He killed several guards and escaped -- dubbing himself "Deadpool," after the facility. Some time later, he re-emerged as one of the world's foremost mercenaries-for-hire.

After cementing his reputation as a solider of fortune and quasi-super hero, Deadpool signed on the dotted line for the terrorist known as Tolliver. His target: the time-tossed mutant freedom fighter called Cable. Deadpool learned that his former lover -- Vanessa Carlyle, the shapeshifter named Copycat -- was posing as Cable's girlfriend and teammate, the probability-altering Domino. Wilson launched repeated offensives against Cable and his mutant strike team, X-Force -- culminating with a battle in which Tolliver was killed and Vanessa seriously wounded. Deadpool showed mercy on his former flame, diverting a portion of his powers to heal her injuries.

Escaping custody in a metal asylum, Deadpool gained the attention of the interdimensional firm of Landau, Luckman & Lake. LL&L believed Deadpool to be the Mithras, one who would usher in a new golden age for the inhabitants of Earth. But the prophecy was a sham: The being destined to bring this era to life actually would transform the planet's inhabitants into mindless, grinning boobs. Deadpool averted disaster, but internal politics within LL&L brought an end to their relationship. His optimism again shattered, Wilson returned to his status as a killer-for-hire.
powers & abilities 🔒 locked, 🔓 unlocked in both, 💣 au only, ⦿ cv only Powers
⦿ Regenerative healing factor
     » Foreign chemical resistance
     » Disease Immunity
     » Telepathic immunity
🔓 Immortality
🔓 Possession resistance
🔓 Superhuman strength
🔓 Superhuman stamina
🔓 Superhuman reflexes
🔒 Superhuman agility
🔓 Superhuman durability

🔓 Master martial artist
🔓 Master assassin
🔒 Skilled linguist (Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian)
🔒 Medium awareness
🔒 Unpredictability

🔓 Classic costume
🔓 X-Force costume
🔓 X-Men costume
🔓 Teleportation device
🔓 Katanas (Bea & Arthur)
🔓 Bea Arthur (space vessel)
🔓 Holographic image inducer
🔓 Magic weapons satchel

💣 Memories of Weapon X
💣 Memories of Deadpool

Comicverse Tie-Ins Love for Mexican food (and pancakes)
Both are from Canada.
First name is one of Deadpool's noteable aliases, last name is Wade's middle name
Military training
Fear of cows
Reckless and unpredictable

random facts Has been shot, stabbed, and burned in the line of duty. Before Deadpool's healing factor kicked in and healed them, he was covered in (easily concealable) scars from his wounds.

Trained in various forms of combat, including blades and firearms as well as mixed martial arts.

Started out as a police officer and eventually ended up working as an undercover agent. He grew unhappy with his line of work and found his true calling in cooking. He has since opened up his own video game bar, where he serves as head chef as well as co-owner.

Tends to be reckless, which had him on thin ice with his former employers, so they left him to get himself killed. This is why he eventually chose his personal life over his job.

Favorite things include video games, Jeff Goldblum, pancakes, and Mexican food.

pets Atticus (Australian Shepherd)
Zelda (tortie cat)
Cheesecake (tabby cat)
Scout (German Shepherd)
Radley (German Shepherd)
Hamuel L. Jackson (Miniature Pig)
Lisa Turtle (turtle)
Goatblum (goat)
Goatie Hawn (goat)
Nemo (goldfish)

family Roxanne Winston (wife, married 7/14/17)
Whitney Watson (cousin)
Whitney Anne Winston (daughter, born 6/4/18)
Winifred Eleanor Winston (daughter, born 6/4/18)
Steve Winston (father, estranged)
Carla Winston (mother, estranged)
Alex Winston (brother, estranged)
Edward Winston (brother, estranged)
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