but i want to burn with you tonight.

"Don't you remember your Irish lass?"

Those words were all she needed to say to send Wade Wilson's world crashing to the ground. Theresa Cassidy, one of the first women to accept him for who he was. She had never cared about his scars, about his lifestyle, and she had loved him despite everything he was. He had loved her too, maybe a bit too much. Nights outside her window at Xavier's mansion, looking in on her while she slept - nights spent together on the roof of that same house, arm around her and laughing about monster truck rallies and adventures they could go on together.

The good times were the ones he remembered first, and, in light of the chaos surrounding the woman in his life, it was far too tempting to give into those memories. Memories of stolen kisses, of passionate nights together. It was Wade's way of trying to escape the problems with Shiklah, the problems in their relationship, both caused by Scarlett's brother Paxton and caused by their own stubbornness.

"You don't seem to understand the importance of this to me, of my family. Of what I had left, I am well aware there is nothing left here, but if I ever find it again, I'm going to the Metropolis. I belong there."

All Shiklah had ever wanted from Wade was for him to rule Monster Metropolis by her side. That wasn't who Wade was. He was Deadpool, the merc with a mouth. He went on crazy missions like assassinating zombie presidents and stopping time travelling dinosaurs from destroying cities. Sitting on a throne like someone from Game of Thrones wasn't in the cards for him. Hell, he could barely sit still long enough to eat his ceiling-high stacks of pancakes in the morning. No, he needed to be out there, saving people and killing others. Anyone who expected him to sit patiently without decapitating a few people out of boredom didn't know him well at all. Maybe his wife didn't know him as well as he needed her to, didn't understand that he could never be the king she wanted him to be. He would never change, and he would never ask her to.

Theresa did understand him though. She was a mutant, knew what it was like to live a day in his shoes. The more he thought about how good of a match the two of them had been, the more the bad started to seep in. He started to realize her propositions to come over, to be with her in her bed, they were her using him all over again. She wanted to use him because she was lonely, she wanted to feel something, just like the night she had come to him after losing her baby. His red-haired Irish lass had been so cold to him that night, and it had taken a lot of thinking for him to realize this was history repeating.

He couldn't do that to Shiklah, Jack couldn't do that to Scarlett. Who was Theresa to come back in his life like she'd never broken his heart and try to get him to ruin his marriage? It was selfish, and it had been selfish of him to even consider it. He loved Shiklah, and, while he would never be able to rule the way she wanted him to, that didn't mean their marriage would fail. They had love, they had passion, and they understood each other on a deeper level. Ruling was more her style, fighting was his, but that didn't meant they couldn't share the best of both worlds.

He could include her more, take her out in the field with him, and maybe he could sit in on a few of her proceedings - well, only if Metropolis returned to her full of citizens to rule over (but that was a long shot). Wade Wilson could do a lot of things to be a better husband to her, but he was still relatively new to this whole marriage thing. It was an adjustment for both of them, one not aided by the existence of people in their heads (then again, Wade had always dealt with voices). Shiklah was learning to be human just as much as Wade was, and they would eventually find their stride.

He loved her, and that was worth fighting for, no matter what happened.