so he didn't actually go to his bestie rogue's place right away. was it a crime to teleport back to his bedroom and play fallout for a few hours? wade sure as hell didn't think so. "oh well, there's flo on my left, and there's mary on my right. and janie is the girl with that I'll be with tonight," he sang, going along with the song currently playing on his game screen while he struggled to kill a deathclaw at least thirty levels above him.

"ten stimpaks to take you down? savage deathclaw, if you were real, you wouldn't stand a chance against good ol' deadpool. what's up with defiling the museum of witchcraft like that? my wife would not be happy with you."

this was, for some reason, the funniest thing he'd ever said, and in the midst of his laughter, the deathclaw killed his character. "NOOOOOOOOOOO," he screamed, throwing the controller so hard it embedded in the wall. "i just lost thirty minutes of gameplay." wade shrugged soon after and pushed the button of his teleporter to travel to anna's.