a few hours later, wade found himself in paris. an old friend had called and questioned whether or not he should come home. "you son of a bitch, i miss you," had been his immediate reaction, so when he'd found out said friend was hiding in paris, he hadn't wasted any time teleporting there.

"meet me in front of the eiffel tower," he'd texted, and within an hour, his friend from the deep south was meeting up with him. wade very well could have squeezed the life out of him when he said, in that accent he enjoyed so much, that he had brought baguettes. apparently fighting with them was distasteful given where they were, so wade had settled for eating them and a bunch of french cheeses until he couldn't stomach anymore.

"you're coming home, right?" he questioned, as jack more than wade, and his friend only shrugged.

"i guess we'll see."