"yo, weasel!" he shouted out once he popped back into the townhouse he shared with jack's other best friend, the one who was also his good pal, sometimes bitter enemy, weasel. "you okay? did you make it home okay?"

"yep, i'm good," he heard from the bedroom upstairs.

glad that weasel hadn't taken off to hide from the world again, wade went about his business and fixed himself a plate of bread and cheese, his spoils from paris. he stopped by drew's bedroom on his way to his own and made small talk about his trip and the food he'd brought back. when that was all said and done, he looked to the other man, a grin on his face.

"wanna watch me beat the fuck out of a savage deathclaw?"

because in a world where superheroes and villains and mercs with mouths were real, nothing was more important than video games.