the last time his bestie rogue had done anything to him with her powers, she hadn't actually asked and had just licked his face in passing. this time, he expected something similar. boy, was he in for a surprise. not only was he blessed enough to catch a glimpse of her naked body as she threw a towel at him from her bathroom, but she was kind enough to give him the kiss of death instead of the lick of hand-hold of death.

"wake up, wade!"

when he'd come to after being slapped in the face, he immediately slammed his forehead into hers and asked her to do it again. "no, we can't do it again. your wife will warp my head into some mojo voodoo crap that i ain't exactly in the mood for right now," came rogue, who he realized was straddling his lap. he looked around and realized he'd, by some miracle, passed out on her bed. this was his dream come true.wade wilson was adventurous and maybe a little masochistic. he loved torturing himself in the most bizarre ways. how else was someone who couldn't die going to get his kicks?

as disappointed as he was that she'd said no and hopped off him to brush her hair, it didn't stop him from chirping out, "neither of them would care, probably," in a sing-song voice. he even went so far to wriggle his eyebrows, even though they both knew it wouldn't happen again. jack found the idea of anna in a romantic way to be disgusting, and he loved harper way too much to betray her like that. damn feelings. "but jack would probably have a panic attack, so i'll play nice... for now."

so when the topic moved on to getting the hell out of boston (in rogue's case), wade rolled over onto his side and pointed to his teleporter. "where do you wanna go?"