9:30 AM
Something about nearly dying did wonders for one's sleep. Jack had gotten his first full night's sleep in what had to be years. His line of work didn't make sound sleep possible - his former one, at least - so he was actually kind of grateful for everything that had transpired earlier that morning. It all seemed fuzzy to him, like a really bad dream, but all it took was one look toward his bedroom door to tell him every bit of it had happened. It was a miracle to see the wooden door still leaning against the wall as it were; he half-expected it to come crashing to the ground at some point.

He looked beside of him and saw that Scarlett was still sleeping peacefully beside of him. Jack watched her for a moment, touching a hand to the side of her face to brush some hair away. He remembered the horns that had grown from the top of her head and smiled widely as he leaned down to kiss the approximate spot he had remembered one sprouting from. That turned out to be a bad idea. As soon as his lips touched the top of her head, something sharp jabbed him in the lip. He jerked back and bit down on his lip to keep from shouting out in pain. Jack's instinct was to run to the bathroom and investigate the damage, and Wade went along with it even though he knew it would be healed by the time he reached the mirror.

He was right. Jack stared intensely at his already healed lip and said, "Huh." But then he really started to stare at his face. His regenerative ability hadn't gone into overdrive. His face was still his face, though he could see that his scars had faded. Only slightly. Staring at himself, completely normal and handsome at that, was strange to Wade Wilson. He was a man who didn't know how to shave because it'd been so long since he'd had to. His hair had been one of the first things to go, yet here he was with a full head and beard of it. "Damn, I look good," he remarked, bringing both of his hands up to simultaneously slap himself on both sides of the face. "We look damn good."

Both of his personalities were in agreement that this life was better than the one before. In so many ways, Jack Winston had everything that Wade Wilson had ever wanted. He had the approval of the mutants, more or less, and his regenerative ability hadn't destroyed him. Hell, he was cooking Mexican food for a living and kicking ass on the side with his super gorgeous girlfriend. What more could a guy want?

The answer was easy: more powers.