12:02 AM
Despite the hour, Lolita was in full swing. The restaurant had hosted some VIP event that left Jack splitting his time between the kitchen and interacting with guests. Scarlett had insisted he start doing that sort of thing. It hadn't left much time to pay attention to his girlfriend, but once the clock struck midnight, he knew he had to find her. A strange yet oddly familiar feeling washed over him as he cleaned up the kitchen. Wade Wilson was back and finding his wife was his priority. This party was irrelevant. The other employees could wrap things up for all he cared.

He put on his coat and his gloves once the kitchen was cleaned to his satisfaction and went into the main area to find Shiklah, who was already bundled up to the face the cold air outside. One look into her eyes and he knew she was feeling it too. They were themselves again. It had happened once before, and they had embraced it, embraced who they truly were. He couldn't wait to see what kind of trouble they would get themselves into this time, as long as it didn't involve her getting mad at him.

He took her gloved hand into his own without a word and guided her outside where a car was waiting just in front of the entrance to take them home. "We should go to Anna's," he suggested as he helped her inside of said vehicle. Scarlett lifted an eyebrow in confusion, obviously unsure of the idea. Jack knew that the two of them were having difficulties seeing eye-to-eye and that he shouldn't push it, but being with like-minded individuals right now seemed like the smart option.

"Why do you need the mortal? I'm a demon, I can protect you."

Jack laughed as he took the seat beside of her and said, "Babe, in case you hadn't noticed, you're mortal." He noticed Scarlett's face fall as the realization hit her, and he placed his hand on her knee as a form of comfort. "I'm mortal, too, if that helps. No healing powers in this world." Having the memory of who they were was good and well, but he knew she was feeling the loss of her powers just as much as he was. They were so vulnerable here.

He didn't like it.