12:40 AM
Anna's house was quiet, almost too quiet, by the time he and Scarlett arrived. He could hear the faint noise of a television from Anna's room, so he assumed she and Sebastien were home. Jack heard Lucy meow in hello as he stepped through the hallway, and he followed the noise to the bedroom he'd claimed.

"Bathroom's right there," he told Scarlett as he scratched the kitten behind her ears, though she'd stayed here once or twice and knew that by now. In the craze of becoming themselves again, though, he wanted to make sure she hadn't forgotten. While she was in there, he changed into something more comfortable than the clothes that smelled like Mexican food. As he slipped into a pair of sweatpants, he heard a commotion from Anna's end of the house followed by Scarlett shrieking from the bathroom.

"I'm sure it was nothing," he called out, but when he turned around, he realized it wasn't nothing. Scarlett was facing him with wide eyes. At first, he didn't notice anything different, but, as his eyes fell on the top of her head, he could see why she was freaking out. There were two horns sticking out of her hair. Shiklah's horns. He was so focused on this new development that he barely noticed when Lucy hissed at Scarlett and took off out of the room.

"Oh, babe, you have your horns," he commented with a tone of immense joy as he clapped his hands together excitedly. He was smiling. He was actually happy about this. The look in his eyes conveyed that he thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world, and that look got her to smile in return.

"You're not repulsed by me?"

This question caused Jack to laugh loudly. "God no. You're sexy as hell, but hold that thought." The reunion could wait. Before he called it a night, he wanted to make sure Anna was okay. The last time this had happened, she had thrown her boyfriend into a wall. Who knew what had just happened?

Before he could open his bedroom door, the smell of smoke filled his nostrils, and this set him into panic mode. He jerked the door open, and, much to his surprise, it came clean off its hinges and went flying. Jack looked down to see half of the door knob was still situated in his hand, and he turned to Scarlett and laughed again.

"This is just the best night ever, isn't it?"