january 9, 2015

As Jack stepped out of the shower, he could hear the faint sound of mewing from his bedroom. Lucy, no doubt, had gotten herself into something and needed assistance getting back out of it. With the night she'd had, Jack understood. She had seen things little kittens weren't meant to: destruction of doors and literature as well as demonic horns sprouting from their house guest's head. If one Wade Wilson hadn't been present, rattling off nonsense in the back of his might, he might have sworn he was going crazy. But that wasn't the case at all. In fact, he felt more sane now than he ever had because things made sense. He was Jack Winston, he was Wade Wilson. He was both, and the constant feeling that something was missing in his life went away only when that rang true.

But as he wrapped his towel around him and ventured into his bedroom, he could see that Lucy was not, as originally suspected, stuck anywhere. He could see her tail sticking out from underneath the bed, moving up and down in the way that indicated she was ready to pounce. He briefly considered that she might have discovered a mouse, so he decided to investigate. Holding his towel tightly, he moved into the floor to get a good look at whatever it was the cat was so fascinated with. Of all the objects he had considered, what he found was not one of them.

His eyes grew wide as they fell on an object very familiar to Wade Wilson: the teleportation device he had stolen from Cable. His lips curved upward, and he smiled as he picked it up. With the danger gone, his kitten companion followed his hand from underneath the bed, so he picked her up and placed her on top of the bed. He turned the small device over in his hands a few times before tossing it onto the bed with Lucy, who jumped so high he could have sworn she might reach the ceiling. He laughed, "Sorry, Luce," as he hurried to get himself dressed.

A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket, socks, and some boots later, he was ready to put his new toy to the test. It may have been sitting in front of him, but did it work? He thought of a place in his mind, somewhere close by, to test it out. He pictured Anna's living room in his mind and ran his finger over the button. It was smooth to the touch, a sign of heavy usage, and he smiled as he pushed it down. In the blink of an eye, he found himself in the very room he had just imagined, sitting on the couch when he had previously been standing.

"Oh, yeah."

The first person he had told was Scarlett. So many of their conversations had started with, "Uh, babe?" lately. They were discovering powers and objects, and his wife was the only person he wanted to share it with. She had not believed him when he said he'd found it, she had requested proof.

"Meet me in the bedroom."

"Race you," he had challenged, and he could tell she thought he would lose. So, Wade had surprised Shiklah by leaning back against her pillow with a bottle of wine in hand when she entered the room. Her look of confusion was quickly replaced with a smile when she realized what this meant.

Before she could say anything, he said, "Let me teleport you to Paris." Her eyes grew wide and she nodded quickly, obviously ready to go then and there.

And so they did. Deadpool wrapped his arms around his Shiklah and thought of Paris. The two landed right on top of the Eiffel Tower. Luckily it was late enough that the place was closed to tourists, which meant they were alone.

"Oh, Wade, it's so romantic," Shiklah said with a light kiss to his cheek. They couldn't exactly get overly affectionate these days, not with her lips being deadly and all. Even if it wouldn't kill him, it took a lot of out of him, so he settled for wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in for a hug.

Before he could say a word, his phone started to buzz loudly. A text message from Anna. "Ooh, all caps, must be important," he quipped before reading it.


He showed it to Scarlett, who groaned in irritation, but they both knew they couldn't stand idly by if something was going down at home. Once he knew where to go, the two of them teleported to Stark's penthouse, and a bullet soared right by his head.

They had arrived in the middle of pure chaos. Objects were being thrown left and right, windows were shattering, and people were enjoying it. This was Wade Wilson's kind of party. He grinned widely as he punched one of the attackers square in the jaw, sending them flying into a wall all the way across the room.

"Hey guys, need help?"