march 25, 2015

Deadpool thrived in a fight, he thrived in chaos, so when he and his wife had been attacked on Monday, he was right in his element. First, some obvious hitmen had come in, claiming that Scarlett had to pay for her mistakes. They had been way too easy to fend off. But then, icing on top of the cake, eight more men came in, different from the ones they'd fought before. These men were wearing blue and talking about a Dread Lord as they fought. Wade was happier than he had ever been before, slashing with his sword and watching his wife throw people out windows. It was a complete rush, one that he hadn't felt since all hell had broken loose in Stark's penthouse back in January. When there was no action, Wade Wilson was bored stupid and tended to do stupid things like throw controllers into consoles and ruin everyone's fun.

Needless to say, he didn't handle boredom well.

So it was good there was plenty of fun to go around. He had been disappointed when the last goon's head had rolled off of his shoulders and onto the pile of bodies accumulating in Shiklah's living room floor, but there ended up being a silver lining when he inquired as to why there had been hitmen going on about New York. It had been strange to Wade because he remembered Scarlett telling Jack about a weekend trip there, so the fact one of their attackers had mentioned it specifically was in no way a coincidence. "What happened in New York?" he had asked her, and he had been impressed to hear that Scarlett had told a group of socialites - her old friends - to fuck off. Somehow, her "friends" in New York and found out where she lived and sent people to kill her, which meant a trip to New York was in order. There was a fire in his wife's eyes as she said that she wanted to make them pay for daring attack her in her own home, and Wade, being Wade, was happy to tag along for the ride. He even invited Bob, who, hesitant at first, eventually agreed to go. Their little gang was back together, and it made Wade Wilson the happiest guy on the planet.

It wasn't until Wednesday that the three of them teleported to the city and set their plan into motion. Well, Shiklah's plan. Wade was added muscle. Bob was mostly along for the ride because Wade loved having him there, not because he was extremely useful in a fight, but, now that he had found his little Hydra agent, he didn't like the idea of not having him involved.

They had landed on the roof of the building Scarlett's New York apartment was in, and they'd headed inside to get changed. Wade protested changing out of his Deadpool suit and into something way too nice for his tastes. "I'm just gonna get blood all over this, Shik. Why do you think I swear a red suit?" he had argued, going so far as to give her a pouty face. When it hadn't work, he had tried to get Bob to pout at her, but all that had done was made his wife laugh at them both. Once they were all changed, they headed to their first target. Some girl named Veronica. Veruca? Victoria? He didn't actually pay attention and didn't care since she would be dead in about fifteen minutes anyway.

The fight with her security had made him wish he remembered her name so he could thank her for the party. It wasn't often Bob accidentally killed people by trying to get out of the way, but he had managed quite a few of them in the fight. Once the fight was over, Shiklah went upstairs to take care of the woman who had hired all the men they'd just killed. Wade had wanted to go with her, but she had told him to stay there. Scarlett had needed to do this part alone, so he and Bob stood in the lobby and waited patiently or as patiently as Wade Wilson could wait for anything. He hummed the tune of Uptown Funk, dancing to the sound of his own voice to keep himself entertained.

It didn't take long before they were off to their next target. He had been expecting just as big of a fight as before, but he was vocal about his disappointment when they arrived and were able to go straight up to this woman's apartment. She even let them in. He kept nudging Bob and complaining about how boring this was while Shiklah talked to this soon-to-be dead woman. Since he hadn't gotten a fight here, he had hoped he would at least get to witness his wife's hellfire at play, but of course, she just had to be a buzzkill and make him go save the hundreds of people in the building. Wade took Bob outside and then teleported to each floor, pulling the fire alarms and screaming the lyrics of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire as he went along, and, eventually, everyone was standing outside very confused. He teleported back to his wife just in time to see the fire starting, and he waited until she was ready to pull her out of the building to witness the destruction they had caused.

Of course, they could only admire it for so long before sirens started sounding, and the three of them were forced to leave. They wound up back at Scarlett's apartment, and Bob quickly excused himself muttering something about getting back to his taco truck. Wade shrugged and waved his cowardly friend off. He watched with amusement as she drank from a bottle of wine she had stolen from the crime scene and spat it back out. "What did you expect! You stole it from a drug addict, do they really have good taste in wine?" he asked her as he took the bottle and dumped it out in her kitchen sink.

They left the empty bottle on the counter as they headed out for dinner. Wade decided on some place fancy since they were both already dressed for it. Besides, his girl deserved it for the well-served revenge she had enacted today.