In the few seconds it took Jack to wake up Thursday morning, everything seemed normal. Before he allowed himself to think, his hand extended beside of him to feel for the familiar form of his girlfriend, only to find that she wasn't there. There was a frown on his face as he opened his eyes to confirm the pink-haired beauty was elsewhere, and that was when he heard the voice in his head.

And here I was hoping to have some fun with Harley Quinn.

Jack froze in his attempt to untangle himself from the dogs and cats that made his bed their own. Either he had gotten his days mixed up, been asleep for longer than he thought, or something weird was going on. Given the past two weeks, the latter didn't seem impossible. First missing powers, then missing friends, and now this? He felt across the table next to him until he found his phone, picking it up to see that it was, in fact, Thursday.

Did ya miss me?

"Huh," was all he said aloud as he tried to comprehend was this might mean. It could easily be a freak occurence, but the shifts had been so consistent that it made no sense for Wade Wilson to make himself known on Thursday. He had heard rumblings of some people being affected permanently by their alter egos and, though he could not explain why, he was certain this was what this was.

We're gonna have so much fun, Jackie!

Jack let out a dramatic sigh. This piqued the interest of Zelda, who began trailing her way up his body, unconcerned with his comfort level as she used his chest as a pathway. He shook his head and reached a hand out to scratch his first pet's head, while the other skimmed through the messages on his phone to see if anyone else was feeling similarly.

Unfortunately, unless no one had thought to check in with him, it seemed it was business as usual. There was no evidence of anything out of the ordinary on the news sites or social media. As dangerous as it was to advertise their predicaments, there was usually something to clue everyone in. From what Jack could tell, he was completely alone. Of course, he would need to check in with those closest to him to be certain.

You're not alone! You've got me! And way too many animals!

This made Jack laugh, which sent Radley to investigate what was so funny. The cold of the German Shepherd's nose only made him laugh again. His pets were no strangers to him conversing with them like it was completely normal or even laughing at his phone, but it was almost as if they could tell that he was reacting to a voice inside his head. He could be paranoid, too, certain that everyone was going to think he had really lost his mind because they didn't have their dual identities and therefore a reason to commiserate with him.

What's wrong with being crazy, Jackie?

For that, he had no answer. If Jack were honest with himself, having Wade in his life had changed it for the better. Not only had the mercenary given him the courage he needed to leave the police force behind, it had led him to be carefree enough to chance everything to open In Another Castle with Drew. Wade had brought people into his life that he never would have gotten to know otherwise. He considered his girlfriend to be one of these people. Hell, he would never have ended up in a farm house with the makings of Noah's Ark had it not been for Wade Wilson. The one downfall to all of it was that Jack felt as if he had been slowly losing his sanity over the last two years. Between the shifts and all of the crazy stuff that they did during them, it wasn't a surprise.

In a way, he figured this was inevitable. He and Wade had found a common ground, a way to be themselves but also separate, and it had been working. Wade was part of who he was now, so it only made sense that he would eventually become a permanent part. Why that was or how it was possible, he didn't know. What he did know was that he loved how his life had unfolded and his place in the world. He never would have been able to say the same two years ago. There was some obvious negatives, like the constant struggle to survive or people getting kidnapped or zombies, but were things really so bad in the other aspects of his life?

And really, if Jack were honest with himself, he would admit that he loved the chaos. It gave him purpose as well as a freedom to embrace the less sane side of himself. Perhaps he had always held that opinion, but Wade had brought it out in him and led him to embrace it.

So, maybe, he didn't need to immediately get to the bottom of this. The phone calls to his friends could wait, couldn't they? It was not as if they could offer advice or relate, unless by some miracle this had affected them as well. It was hard to want to deviate from a few lazy hours with his pets when they were all looking at him so longingly. The ones that hadn't kept him warm throughout the night were now finding their ways into the room.

"Aw, I didn't know you guys loved me so much," he began, and no sooner than the words had left his mouth, it dawned on him that it was probably less love for him and more hey, asshole, feed us. "Oh, you guys are hungry. You want food?" When this led them to all perk up, he shook his head and moved out of the bed so that he could feed them. He briefly considered the usual mix of animal foods, but there was something special about this day. It was a turning point, and Wade was deeming it a cause for celebration. One that didn't require pants, so as he walked out of his room, he hoped his roommate wasn't lurking about.

Oh, come on. That would be hilarious.

Instead of commenting on how wrong his counterpart was about that, he focused on the celebration aspect of things. A breakfast made for royalty was the only way to approach this, since it was what he tended to do every Sunday morning after realizing he'd shifted anyway.

"Okay, then," he said to all of the dogs enthusiastically. "Who wants pancakes?"