That particular Saturday had started off just like any other, save for the fact his wife was still dealing with some sort of cruel stomach bug. He'd been taking care of her as best as he could for the last few days, bringing her soup or crackers or whatever else she needed. Jack was nothing if not a devoted, do anything for his wife type of husband. If she needed him, he was there, but work had pulled him away. Owning a business meant he had a lot of flexibility as far as letting others handle things versus doing things himself, but there were certain tasks that he trusted no one else with. Reluctantly, he had kissed his wife on the forehead before popping off to In Another Castle for a few hours.

A few hours had turned into half of the day, and it was close to dinner time by the time he finally came back home. Immediately, he'd known something was off, but it wasn't something that made the arms on his hair stand up. No, it was a good thing. Instead of coming back to a miserable sick person, he was greeted with smiles and the promise of food. Given the state she had been in this morning, he was surprised by this, so when she insisted that he sit back and let her take care of cooking dessert (she'd bought tacos from their favorite restaurant), he'd put up something of a fight. Even he knew that fighting Roxy (or Harley Quinn, for that matter) on this was a losing battle, so he'd eventually given up and allowed her to wine and dine him.

She'd said it was her way of saying thank you for taking care of her over the last few days, but something deep down was nagging at him that it might be something else. Of course, he'd considered that her stomach bug might not have been a bug at all, but after nearly six months of struggling, he didn't want to get his hopes up. He had already done that once, only to be completely devastated when it had been a false positive. The funny thing was that he hadn't even realized he wanted this until that moment. Ever since, it was at the front of his mind every day. They had been trying to the point it seemed like a chore, so he knew she felt the same way. It was easier to think of it as the stomach flu.

On a subconscious level, he knew what was coming. The significant improvement in her mood was enough evidence. It was like she was a completely different person, and he knew a thing or two about that given that a certain merc with a mouth had taken up permanent residence in his head.

When she mentioned a second surprise, a gift in addition to what she had just done for him, it was at that moment that the gears really started to shift in his mind. They moved into the living room where she produced an overly decorated bag. It was so very her. Inside the bag, carefully wrapped in tissue paper, was a bundle of fabric that he unrolled to discover was a onesie patterned similarly to Deadpool's costume. A shiver of excitement coursed through his body. He felt numb and electrified at the same time, like he couldn't believe this was real but that it was also the greatest thing he'd ever been given.. His attention turned to his wife, who was looking at him with a shy smile.

I figured until we can get him or a her a proper costume, they'd want to match their daddy.

Her smile widened at this point, and she mentioned photos at the bottom of the bag. He kept a grip on the onesie as he pulled the ultrasound photos out to look at. Seeing those confirmed it for him, but he still needed to hear her say the two words out loud. They had been struggling for so long that he still couldn't fathom this was really happening.

"For real? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

He was staring at her, waiting for her to answer him. It was only a matter of seconds of watching her both laugh and cry before she reached forward and pinched him. Nope, he definitely wasn't dreaming.

Nope, it's still real life. Trust me, I had that thought myself earlier today, too. We're very pregnant.

Somehow, the uttering of the p-word was waht he needed to stop trying to convince himself this wasn't real. He couldn't fight the happy tears that had been threatening to fall from his eyes any longer either. This was one of those moments that it was okay to cry. If anyone said otherwise, he had two katanas with their names on them. Not literally, since he'd named them Bea and Arthur respectively, but the point still stood. No one was going to stop him from feeling this happy.

He let the photos fall into his lap and reached over with his hand to brush it over her stomach. Once she confirmed it by saying the p-word, he stopped trying to fight it and let the happy tears fall. With the onesie still clutched in his hand, he reached forward with the other and ran his hand over her stomach. He continued to stare down at the photo, both amazed and terrified by what this meant. There was so much to learn and plan and figure out, and it was a little overwhelming to even think about. He'd already failed at this whole parenting thing once, but he'd be damned if that happened this time. Not only that but two of the world's craziest of crazies were going to be parents.

"There's a little Harleypool in there," he said, smiling through the tears. "The world is doomed."