He had lost track of how long they had been here. It wasn't like in the movies where a woman's water broke and boom. No, it was a long night of getting cups of ice and doing all of the things they had meant to do before and hadn't. They had been planning around the due date, which wasn't for another few weeks, so there were all these things they had held off on. It kept Jack busy, made the waiting seem less like torture, but Roxy hadn't had that luxury. He was doing everything he could to comfort her, save for letting her break his hand with her death grip (he was going to need those when their girls were finally born).

He couldn't believe this was actually happening. His life was never going to be the same again. It was something he had confronted right before all of this, actually. Her water had broken while they were on their last babymoon, relaxing and talking it all over. Both of them had their fears, from being bad parents to losing who they were as people and as a couple, but he and Roxy wanted this more than anything. Before all hell had broken loose, they had made peace with their concerns and realized that everything would be fine as long as they had one another.

Suddenly, after hours upon hours of waiting, it was time. The only thing he knew for certain in that moment, thanks to the sunshine peeking through the blinds of the room, was that it was daylight. He had lost track of the day and the time not long after arriving. The next few minutes zoomed by quicker than he could have anticipated. There were bodies shuffling around the room in a controlled sort of chaos, but he wasn't paying attention to them. He wasn't even paying attention to the words of encouragement he called to his wife as her cursing turned into labored breathing. He was watching Roxy, amazed at how strong she was and thinking that nothing he had experienced could compare to this. Losing a limb? Child's play compared to giving birth.

And then came the cries. The first one had been born, and he was staring in awe, too stunned to react. A few minutes later, out came the second one. Jack had barely moved in those two minutes and knew he looked like an idiot, but he didn't care about any of that. They had done it. He knew the nurses were talking to him, telling him that both girls were healthy and weren't missing anything important, but he only caught bits and pieces due to his shellshocked daze. What he did notice was that neither of the newborns had set the delivery room on fire or done anything else to indicate they had been blessed with powers.

Something about that realization snapped him out of his daze, and the reality of it all hit him. Yeah, there were tears in his eyes. Jack wanted a huge family (and Wade wanted to make amends for being a terrible father). This was the first step in that, and he could finally feel his limbs enough to take those first steps towards their daughters.

He could see the light hair. There wasn't much of it, but they weren't bald. What really struck him was just how tiny they were. He hadn't known what to expect in that, but it hadn't been this. Movies had really warped his viewpoint on childbirth. He was amazed. They were beautiful and perfect, and he couldn't believe he'd taken part in creating them. Oh, and he loved them. He couldn't believe how much he loved them.