The week had started off fine. Evil did not seem to be afoot. It seemed like things were finally starting to go back to normal. Before becoming an expectant father, that would have disappointed him. The Wade of last year looked forward to shit hitting the fan. He thrived in the chaos, and he'd been involved with his fair share of it since this had all started. Things had changed since he and his wife had realized they were going to be parents. He might have been invulnerable, but she and their unborn children were not. He couldn't act recklessly, no matter how much he wanted to.

He had made an exception for his bestie Rogue, who had returned after far too long. Being her guinea pig seemed harmless compared to getting kidnapped and forced to participate in superpowered fight club. Besides, it had turned out that she didn't have her powers, so the whole ordeal had been rather anti-climactic. Still, as one of the only people it was safe to test it on, he'd have done it again. And probably would. She had a child now, like he was about to, and that made this whole business way more complicated than it already was. The last thing he wanted to see was something bad happen to her kid as a result.

Truthfully, the lack of bad things happening and the return of his friend had made for a very good start to the week. It wasn't fine. It was more than fine. He wasn't about to let himself be caught off guard, so he didn't let himself be blinded by those few good days. Just because he hadn't heard of anything happening did not mean something had or that something wouldn't still.

When he woke up on Tuesday morning to an empty bed, Wade wasn't immediately alarmed. They weren't crazy enough to wait in bed for one another to wake up (not every day, at least), so it was just as likely she was taking care of their zoo of animals or cooking breakfast. As he searched the house, and the list of possible rooms she could be hiding in began to shrink, his paranoia started to take over. He and Harley (and Jack and Roxy) had made a deal not to stray too far from one another's sides. Okay, so it was more of a "don't go anywhere without me" kind of thing. Because they were insane. It was a deal mostly limited to the weeks when everyone else came out to play, so he knew something had happened. It had been stupid to think they would get months of relative peace like they had before. Given the usual trend, it was due time, but he had been oddly hopeful they could stay out of it for a while. Apparently that was too much to ask for.

There was no note. The animals seemed nervous. He wanted to get out there and start looking for her, but he'd needed to calm them down and make sure they were taken care of first. Who knew how much of a headstart she had on him? There was no telling when she had left. The only comfort he had was that there was no sign of a struggle. It appeared she had left of her own accord, and that scared him a little bit. The last time she had disappeared like this, she had severed half his limbs and left him to grow them back. Not to mention the whole nearly destroying the city thing. He didn't know if something similar had happened or if she was being held somewhere against her will, but his instinct was telling him the former.

The first thing he did was try her phone. It was off. The second thing he did was attempt to teleport to her, but it was as if something was blocking him. It would transport him, but she was never anywhere in sight. Is this thing on? If it had finally broken, he was going to be pissed, but it seemed more likely whatever had happened was causing the block. Either she was avoiding him or whomever had her was.

Needless to say, he grew more impatient with each teleport. Wade attempted it for hours to no avail and was fairly certain he had traversed the entire city. There was no sign of her. He had checked her work and his, just in case, but none of them had seen her.

He even went as far as to check in with Joker. It wasn't that he disliked the guy, but he could be a little too much crazy, even for Wade. If he hadn't been so focused on finding Harley, he might have taken the time to realize that something was off with the clown prince of crime. Later, he would probably question why he had been so calm and collected, almost as if he had been drugged, especially after being attacked by a petite ball of rage. But he couldn't think about anything else right now. He asked his questions and got his answers. That was all he cared about.

By the time night fell, he was furious with worry. He knew that she wasn't a prisoner but in possession of a ring that fed on her emotions. She was pregnant, so her emotions were all over the place. He didn't like the thought of what that ring was doing to her. But he was no closer to finding her than he had been that morning. All he had was the knowledge of some of the things she had done that day. It wasn't much to go on, and none of it was good.

So, when he caught sight of some shadier characters in an alleyway, he bolted in their direction. Bea and Arthur were unsheathed before he knew whether or not they were lackies. It was dark enough that he couldn't really tell, and he really didn't care. It had been a long day, and he was seeing red. Not purple or blue or whatever stupid colors those guys wore.

"Where the hell is my wife?" he shouted at them.

They didn't seem confused by that statement, which probably meant they were working for someone, but he really wasn't thinking about that. He would be grateful when the dust settled, but that was for the future Wade to deal with. He lunged at the guys, making moves with his sword to disable them. They couldn't very well tell him where his wife was if they were dead, could they? Blood splashed onto his street clothes (he wasn't going to search the entire city in a red suit and draw attention to himself) and his face as his katanas sliced through limbs. The screams of pains only encouraged him further.

"Where the fuck is Harley Quinn? One of you fuckers has to know."

Apparently, they didn't. Not that they would have told him if they did. Wade had no choice but to finish them off. They'd probably just respawn and go running back to daddy Thanos anyway. It was cathartic for him either way. He wiped his swords on one of the dead men's jackets and let out a heavy sigh. He felt better, but he wasn't anywhere closer to finding his wife.

He would keep going after these fools until he found her.